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Pictured Here is an example in Franklin, Tn again. The customer wanted a 60" Plasma  TV mounted on the wall and wanted it installed with his existing surround sound system that he has had for some years. He loved how his system sounded, but wanted to upgrade the TV.  In his case we were able to save him some money by re-purposing his audio and integrating it with a new display, along with building in the equipment into the wall.

This happens a lot. This customer wanted a home theater install in Nashville, TN. He wanted big sound, but didnt want to have the spaeakers exposed. In-wall speakers are perfect for that. Not shown are the grills that go over them to blend them into the wall.

Here is another example of being able to hide the equipment, however in this example of a tv install in Nashville, TN the cusomer chose to keep his speakers viewable.

home theater franklin tn

This is an  example of a home theater TV install with a build -in and full surround sound in a home in Brentwood, TN. This customer didn't want to use any furniture for the equipment, and opted instead for a cabinet to be mounted in the wall.

Here is an example of a large 90" LED HD TV mounting on a wall with a soundbar under it in Brentwood, TN. The front three speakers are in the soundbar to keep the space from being taken up by larger floor standing speakers. Also there are some surround sound speakers in the ceiling, and all the equipment is in the av space on the opposite side of this wall. Combine all this with an RF remote to keep things easy.

This home theater tv installation in franklin let us put all the equipment in the cabinets so they would be out of the way.

This is another example of a home theater tv install in Franklin TN. Like other examples, the customer wanted a TV over the fireplace, but didn't want to see any equipment. We were able to hide the cable box and DVD player on the other side of the room and use an RF remote to control everything.

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